Fall Quarter 1st General Meeting 2018!

Hello everyone~! Welcome to JASS and welcome back returning members! Our first general meeting is tomorrow (10/04/2018) at Olson Hall 206 starting from 7pm. We will go over important details about the club, learn about interesting Japanese culture, and play icebreaker games so don’t miss out! 第一回目のミーティングは10月4日、午後七時から!教室はOlson Hall 206号室です!

~Announcements for upcoming meeting/events~

Next meeting this Thursday October 13th! Also, our next social event is coming up this Saturday. We will be going to the Cool Patch Pumpkins in Dixon. Come out and experience the World Record Corn Maze!! To participate, please see the event page through our Facebook group😊 次回のミーティングは木曜日10/13です。 更に、今週の土曜日にイベントあります!広大な敷地に広がる迷路を体験してみませんか✨ 参加したい方はJASSのフェイスブックからイベントページをご覧ください😊