~Announcements for upcoming meeting/events~

Next meeting this Thursday October 13th! Also, our next social event is coming up this Saturday. We will be going to the Cool Patch Pumpkins in Dixon. Come out and experience the World Record Corn Maze!! To participate, please see the event page through our Facebook group😊 次回のミーティングは木曜日10/13です。 更に、今週の土曜日にイベントあります!広大な敷地に広がる迷路を体験してみませんか✨ 参加したい方はJASSのフェイスブックからイベントページをご覧ください😊

Officer Nominations!

Officer Nominations are coming close! We’ll be beginning our path to the new JASS Officers of 2015-2016 starting THIS WEEK! This week, during the Thursday meeting (May 7th), the officers will be describing their job and what they do for the club! If you are thinking of running but want to know more about the […]