Japanese-English interpreter public announcement

The following is a message from Keith Aulick from the University Extension center on campus. If you are interested in becoming a Japanese-English interpreter, by all means contact him.

I manage the Japanese Agriculture Training Program at University
Extension. Our program provides a ten week academic training in a
variety of agricultural topics in partnership with Big Bend CC of
Seattle and Japanese Agricultural Exchange Council. Our trainees
typically come from farming families in Japan or intend to work in
agriculture in the future. The language of instruction is English, but
we provide interpreters for the trainees to assist them during class
meetings and field trips.

I still have one interpreter position remaining and I am hoping that you
may help publicize this opportunity to potential candidates. The work is
part time and would be well suited for a student, but I would also
accept a non-student as well.

Attached is a job announcement that provides the rest of the details. I
would greatly appreciate you sharing this with JASS and anyone else you
feel may be qualified.

Kind regards,
Keith Aulick

Japanese Agriculture Training Program

UC Davis Extension

1333 Research Park Dr.

Davis, CA 95618

(530) 752-3772

Copy and paste the following URL to access more information:

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