Upcoming events for early December

heavenly-mountain-resort SKI TRIP FORMS are due on DEC. 4th. along with a non-refundable deposit of $50, and a copy of your UC Davis ID card.

A LATE FEE of $50 will be added if you turn in your form AFTER December 4th.

*Final Payments are due on THURSDAY, JANUARY 8th (this is the payment of your full package fee minus the $50 deposit) NO EXCEPTIONS!

Turn them in at the DEC. 4th meeting or to the JASS mailbox: SPAC office (4th floor of the MU) box #343.

Also, regarding ski trip: if anyone has extra ski/snowboarding equipment and is willing to let others borrow it for our trip, please bring it to the next meeting on December 4th.  This includes thermals, gloves, jackets, goggles, waterproof boots, ski pants, beanies, sleeping bags, etc.  Make sure you have your name on the item so it doesn’t get confused with anyone else’s stuff!  We will have a sign up list of equipment that people lend out and a list of equipment people need. Tis the borrowing season!

If you have any questions, contact Matt or Ashley

Matt: (mnhamasaki@ucdavis.edu)

Ashley: (achoy@ucdavis.edu)

banner UC Berkeley’s Nikkei Student Union (NSU) is putting on their 6th Annual Japanese American Culture Show 2008: "(re)volutions."  I have gone to the past 2 shows and they were awesome.  They usually have a taiko performance, cultural / historical skits, social justice skits, slideshows, dance performances, personal testimonies, and much more.  It’s a lot of fun.  You’ll get to spend time with JASS members on the nice driver over to Berkeley and you’ll be supporting Berkeley’s NSU (it’s like their version of JASS).

When:  Sunday, 12/7/2008, doors open at 6:30pm (but we’d need to leave at least 2 hours ahead)
Price:  $7-10 per ticket, sliding scale (whatever amount you want to pay between 7 to 10 bucks)
Website:  http://nsu.berkeley.edu/

More info. and the fine details to come.

Deadline to order shirts is DECEMBER 4th. (The design is attached)

Cost: $15 (bring it to the Dec. 4th mtg)

Email Lesli your name and size if you’d like one: lmhamamoto@ucdavis.edu


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