JCHIP Info Sessions: 1/14 or 1/22, 5:10 – 6/6:30pm, DeCarli Room, MU

DCF 1.0 Have you ever heard of JCHIP?  A number of JASS members have participated in this great summer internship abroad program in Japan!!!  Here’s your chance to qualify to apply!  You must attend one info. session in order to apply.  Read the following email from Nancy Tibbits (Internship & Career Center, UCD):

UC Davis – Japan Children’s Home Summer Internship Program

Last summer, 10 UC Davis students, representing majors in all of our colleges spent 10 weeks working in one of six Japanese Children’s Homes, receiving room and board and the opportunity to enhance their Japanese language skills and cross-cultural experience.  This program is administered through the Internship & Career Center by Nancy Tibbitts, Professor Don Price, and the JCHIP Founder and Associate Mrs. Eiko Ihara Taylor.

We hope to send 12 – 14 UC Davis students for Summer 2009!

Japan Children’s Home Summer Internships

MANDATORY 2009 Information Sessions you must attend ONE of the Information Sessions in order to apply and to receive application materials

  • Wednesday, January 14, 5:10-6:30 p.m., DeCarli Room, 2nd Floor, MU
    Thursday, January 22, 5:10-6:30 p.m., DeCarli Room, 2nd Floor, MU

Application materials must be submitted by 4:00 p.m., February 10, 2009 to the Internship & Career Center, Room 313 or 215, South Hall, ATTN: Nancy Tibbitts.
A group interview to be scheduled in late February or early March is also required. Applicants are notified of selection within two weeks post-interview.

All interested students must attend ONE information session before applying. Former interns also attend these sessions to share their experiences of life as an intern at the various institutions. In this way, we insure that only those students who understand and are prepared to accept the living conditions, activities and responsibilities of interns will apply. A pre-departure orientation meeting is also mandatory before participating in the program. During spring quarter interns will meet once a week for Japanese conversation and further orientation.

Japan Children’s Home Internship Program (JCHIP)

Summer 2009 Application Information


What is the Japan Children’s Home Internship Program (JCHIP)?

The Program offers students a unique opportunity to participate in international cultural and educational exchange. The children’s homes accepting interns are long-established institutions (not quite orphanages, and not quite group homes) with years of success preparing Japanese children for productive and successful lives. Together with the Japanese staff and native college-student interns, you will share in the lives of school-age youngsters. As an intern from overseas, an important part of your job will be to open the children’s eyes to the rest of the world.

Six children’s homes in different parts of Japan accept interns under this program. We strive to place two Interns in each home.

When is the internship?

The internship runs for 10 weeks during the summer from early July through mid September.

Who is eligible?

Students with the following criteria are eligible to apply:

1.    Must be a UC Davis undergraduate student.

2. Strongly prefer students who will return to UC Davis. e.g. preferably two or more quarters, after participating in the JCHIP internship. Lower division students are encouraged to apply as well as upper division students.

3. Language equivalent of one year of Japanese at the university level by departure to JCHIP internship

4. Must be in good academic standing

5. Must be a U.S. citizen

6. Must have a current U.S. Passport by March 2009 (passport should not expire during internship or too close to the return date)

How much does it cost?

Interns live at children’s homes, where room and board are provided free. Transportation to and from Japan and other personal expenses are the responsibility of the intern.

How does one apply?

Pick up application at one of the Info Sessions.

Contact Information:

Program Coordinator: Nancy Tibbitts, Internship & Career Center, 330 South Hall

752-2868 nrtibbitts@ucdavis.edu

Faculty Director: Professor Don Price, 4211 Social Science Building, dcprice@ucdavis.edu


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