Post-Ski Trip Update

toro There is NO meeting this week.

Mochitsuki (Mochi making) is this Saturday, January 24th at 11 at Yuji/Marcus/Eric/Masa/Kohei’s house. Their address is: 2808 Sycamore Lane. It’s located across from Chaparal…near the end of the street. (closer to the residential area.) There will be a small fee for this event to offset the cost of the rice and equipment, but I’ll email that out to you later.

Sign up at the next meeting for these Upcoming events:
JACL Crab Feed on Saturday, January 31st.
Relay for Life

Assassins – a very fun game that is played throughout Winter quarter. More details to come at the meeting. (Don’t worry, despite the name, no violence is involved…usually)

A few notices:
If you borrowed any "Loaner" clothes, bring them back to the next meeting (WASHED and CLEAN) to return to their owners
If you brought your own skis/snowboard on ski trip, it will remain at Yuji/Marcus’ house until YOU pick it up. We will not bring them back to the meetings.

Bring your gas receipts if you want your money back.
Bring any "found" items from ski trip to the next meeting as well. If you lost something, let us know and hopefully someone found it.
Bring flash drives/CDs of photos from ski trip or any other JASS event to meetings for the Historians to use in their slideshows.
If you bought a JASS t-shirt, pick it up at the next meeting and bring your money if u haven’t paid yet.

IM Sports:
Anyone can still join indoor soccer or basketball! Just come to one of the games with your ID card.

Indoor soccer (Mens): Games are on Saturday around 6pm (game time are not always exact) This week’s game is at 6:40pm @ MAC

Basketball (Mens): Sundays at 4pm


One thought on “Post-Ski Trip Update

  1. COME TO THE JASS TABLE IN THE MU COHO, GUYS!!!!! IF YOU DON’T SEE ANY JASS MEMBERS AT A TABLE, THEN START A JASS TABLE!!! It’s usually by the Pho Noodle Soup, Salad Bar, or the Sandwiches.

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