Iron Chef on Saturday

morimoto Get ready to cook (and eat!) because this Saturday is the IRON CHEF family competition!
Date: Saturday, Feb. 28th (tomorrow!)
Location: Olson 6 / Your family leader’s kitchen
Time: morning (specifically determined by each family) – cooking

2:30pm – arrive in Olson 6 for judging (more points for being on time!)

Family cooking locations:
1 – Marcus’ – 2808 Sycamore Lane
2 – Sachi’s – Fountain Circle #42  (1213 Alvarado Ave.)
3 – Ashley’s – Fountain Circle #56
4 – Lesli’s – Chaparral #J2 (2689 Sycamore Lane)
and the secret ingredient is…..   POTATOES!!!

– Use the secret ingredient as a primary ingredient in EVERY dish.
– Prepare at least one main dish and one dessert.
– Each dish serves at least 20 people.
– All the cooking is done together, in the specified kitchen on Saturday morning.
Each family has been given a bag of potatoes and a $10 starting budget.
Judgement:  4 judges (one from each family) will be looking for:
– Use of ingredient
– Presentation (appearance/plating)
– Taste
– Originality
– Chefs (all that participated in cooking) – split the cost of ingredients.  Have money with you when you meet up with your family so you can take care of the bill then.
– Tasters (if you only want to try all the food afterward) – $3.00.  Arrive at Olson 6 around 2:30.

Help your family by contributing ideas or just giving moral support. 

Don’t forget to wear your family colors!!

Who’s cuisine will reign supreme?
Come out Saturday to find out!


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