2009-2010 Cabinet Information

JASS CouncilThe layout of Cabinet for the 2009-2010 year has been altered.

First, there will only be 1 Historian. This person will keep their current duties: arrange slideshows and plan Banquet (book a banquet hall, cabinet entertainment, senior videos…).

Next, there will now be 2 Family coordinators. I repeat 2 Family Coordinators. These people will have the same duties, but the work load will be split between the two. Their duties include pairing Big Sibs with Lil Sibs, ordering the JASS t-shirts, keeping track of family points, Iron chef, and Family picnic.

Lastly, the Secretary will now help the Historian with planning Banquet, taking pictures, and arranging some of the slide shows in addition to the current duties: emailing the Members and keeping the email list up to date.

If these alterations impel you to run for a position or change the position you are currently running for, the last day to nominate yourself is this Wednesday, May 13 at 9pm.

If you’ve received an email saying you’ve been nominated, PLEASE respond back, even if you are declining.

For those of you already running for a position, please prepare a short speech to present at this Thursday’s meeting (may 14th). (Don’t freak out. The speech doesn’t need to be super formal, but just something short telling the members why you’d be good for your position or why you would like it.)
If you can’t make it to this Thursday’s meeting, email your speech to jassofficers@ucdavis.edu by Thursday at 12pm, and Stacy will read it for you. You can also videotape yourself and put it on a USB drive.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this change, feel free to email the JASS officers. jassofficers@ucdavis.edu


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