This Week in JASS [Nov 2]

fbhaMany thanks to the lot of you who came with or without costume to last week’s Halloween Big Sib/ ‘lil Sib Revealing event. We had a great turnout and an overall great time. But that doesn’t mean the fun ends there–here’s what JASS has up its sleeve this week:

General Meeting Meeting!
Thursday, November 5, 7:10pm @ Hunt 100

Please note the room change to HUNT 100 located next door to the MU bus stop. I will send out a reminder email later in the week about the temporary move.
The following the basic agenda of the meeting:

“Family Bowling”
Family color clarification
Ski Trip information
Cherry Blossom Queen program information
Corn Maze driver reimbursements (if you drove, please come to the meeting for repayment)

Family Bowling
Friday, November 6, 4:15pm @ Hunt 100 MU Games area

Our first Family event of the year! Come out with your Family’s color and earn Family points as you play some bowling games. Please come to the MU Games area (MU basement) at 4:15pm; if you can’t make it then, come when you can!

***Keep those JASS T-Shirt designs coming in!***


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