November 9-15 update

Shalom all you JASSers,

I hope everybody is having a much needed break on this Veteran’s Day. Keep in mind though that JASS still has stuff going on for you this week:

General Meeting!

Thursday, November 12, 7:10pm @ Olson 6

We are back in Olson 6 for this coming general meeting. We have important updates and news that day!

Family Event

Friday November 13 ~ Saturday November 14

Your family leaders should have organized an event for this coming Friday or Saturday whether it be making food at somebody’s house or going out to eat together.

For you guys in Family 2, Amy, Yuji and I are setting up a ramen-making session (yum) on Friday 4:00pm. I’ll send out a reminder email for Family 2 members.


I have attached Ski Trip forms to this email. If did not receive and are interested in going, definitely check the information out on the forms.


We will be increasing Ski Trip fees for NON-MEMBERS by around $30 (increase subject to change). Reminder on this at Thursday’s meeting.


Remember to try visiting the new JASS table at the 2nd floor patio at the MU! It’s a great place to hang out in between classes!


Chewing gum while peeling onions will keep you from crying.


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