Anime Expo Interpreter Staff

We got a request for an interpreter if you can translate between Japanese and English easily. Here it is:

My department is in charge of overseeing the convention’s VIP Guests of Honor. Some of the past years’ guests include Seiji Mizushima, Anna Tsuchiya, Morning Musume, Mana, Yun Kouga, character designer for One Piece Eisaku Inoue, Yoko Kanno, and many more; with this year promising to be just as big!

We are currently looking for enthusiastic, hardworking and professional volunteers to help serve as Interpreter Staff for our guests. Please read the descriptions below and, if interested, feel free to contact me along with a resume, the name of the Guest Relations staff you know, or a personal letter describing your interest at!
Interpreter staff are divided into two categories:

Escort Interpreters assist the Guests of Honor at all official appearances at Anime Expo events including panels, autograph signings, etc; as well as during any off-duty requests or trips the Guests of Honor may wish to partake in. Two Escort Interpreters will be paired with each Guest of Honor at all times.

Escort Interpreters must be fully competent in Japanese and English as well as be ABLE TO DEAL WITH AMERICANS IN ANY SOCIAL SITUATION. Escort Interpreters are responsible for the Guest of Honor they are matched with for the duration of their stay at Anime Expo (June 30-July 6). Free time or relaxation time is at the discretion of the Guest of Honor’s schedule, but Anime Expo will insure that you have adequate amounts of both.

However, the demanding nature of the Escort Interpreter also come with many benefits. Escort Interpreters will have a shared hotel room provided (FREE) for the entire length of their term of service, with meals provided (usually taken with the Guests of Honor they are assisting), and an expense account for any personal trip requested or needs required by the Guest of Honor.

Panel Interpreters are responsible for accurately translating for the Guest of Honors at any official panel or presentation during the course of Anime Expo. A Panel Interpreters’ level of Japanese/English competency must be at native or near-native fluency with the additional requirement of being ABLE TO SPEAK ON STAGE IN FRONT OF A LARGE CROWD OF PEOPLE.

Panel Interpreters also are given all of the same benefits afforded to Escort Interpreters, though are not required to escort Guests of Honor during any personal trips as their work is limited to the convention itself.

Alex Crisologo
Guest Relations Assistant Manager
Anime Expo 2010


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