National Whistleblowers Center in need of translator

The jobs just keep coming–here’s another translating gig if you’re interested:

I found your posting online and I am writing to request information about your internship program for the summer of 2010 and beyond. The National Whistleblowers Center (“NWC”) is in great need of a student intern for an unpaid position that is fluent is Japanese. Currently, the NWC works through the UCDC program and has worked successfully with students from the California system – including Santa Barbara, San Diego, UCLA, Riverside, and more. This summer there has not been an applicant that speaks Japanese.

Below is a bit of information about the NWC and you can view our website at: and our blog at

Since its formation 1988, the National Whistleblowers Center (“NWC”), a legal advocacy organization has provided protection and assistance to thousands of whistleblowers across the United States. Based in Washington, D.C., the NWC is the nation’s leading advocate for whistleblower protection. We stand up in court and work with legislators on Capitol Hill for those who speak out against unjust and illegal practices on the job. As experts in employee litigation, our attorneys focus on the many complex statutes that today are at issue in whistleblower cases, including the qui tam provision of the False Claims Act, which encourages workers to report government contract fraud. With clients from both the public and private sectors, we also pursue actions involving wrongful dismissal, the American worker’s right to privacy and free speech, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and the Freedom of Information Act, to name a few. The NWC also sponsers a number of educational programs including: Seminars & Trainings, Student Internships, and a Speakers Bureau.

Founded in 1988, The NWC ( a 501(c)(3)non-profit) has won numerous landmark decisions, and rewriting workplace law. The NWC has successfully litigated a series of prominent cases, generating widespread recognition via the national press. Meanwhile, our volunteer efforts on behalf of lesser-known whistleblowers and the crucial role they play in a free society have earned us the respect of our legal peers. The attorneys & staff at the NWC support all those who serve the larger good and public interest by revealing & defending work-related corruption & fraud on the nation’s health care system, government & corporate malfeasance and the disregard for nuclear and environmental regulations.

The NWC would like to have a summer intern if you can assist us with this please contact:

Ms. Meryl Grenadier
Internship Coordinator
National Whistleblowers Center
Phone: 202 342-1903
Fax: 202-342-1904
3238 P Street, NW
Washington, DC 20007

Thank you for your kind consideration,
Estelle S. Kohn
Internship program
(I will be out of the office from May 10-19,2010).

whis.tle.blower (noun)
1. One whose loyalty is to the truth.
2. One who exposes government or corporate misconduct, violations of environmental
laws, threats to the public safety, or general employment actions that violate
the law, risking his or her financial security & professional reputation in an
effort to stop harmful actions on behalf of the public interest.


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