Japanese women study

We have a Kaori Wada who is writing a paper on Japanese women who reenter Japan after studying in North America. Here’s the info if you are interested. A detailed instruction sheet is at the bottom.

I am presently conducting a dissertation study entitled; Japanese women’s reentry to Japan after studying in North America: A narrative inquiry, under the supervision of Ada Sinacore, PhD (Associate Professor in the Counselling Psychology Program at McGill University). This study aims to investigate the experience of Japanese women who returned to Japan after completing a university degree in North America. The results of this study will help to understand the experience of returning to a home country after studying abroad and the role of international education on women’s lives.

I’m wondering if you kindly forward the pasted recruitment ads below to your association’s members (or post on facebook). If you could distribute it widely to both your Japanese alumna and current students (current students, too, as they may know friends who have gone back home).

Individuals who participate in this study will be asked to complete a confidential interview about their reentry experience. The interviews will be conducted either in person in Japan (between 7/15-8/7) or via Skype, and will take approximately 1.5 hours. Participation is voluntary, and participants will be compensated with a ¥2,000 gift card.



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