Multicultural Poetry Night at International House

We have an upcoming poetry event headed by Kiera Coulter. If you are interested in poetry, this could be for you if you’re still in the Davis area.

I am working with two other UC Davis students to host a multicultural poetry night on July 17th. We are looking to showcase different types of poetry from a host of different cultures, and are seeking participants and attendants to this event! Given the cultural promotion aspect of your group , I thought that perhaps this would be an event your group members might be interested in! Below is the press release for the event:

Travel across the world in one night. Appreciate literature, traverse language barriers, experience other cultures, and recognize the similarities and differences in all of us! Come to the International House for our Multicultural Poetry Night! Open to the public and free refreshments!
We’re seeking both readers and poets alike to share either original poems or works from poets you admire. All poems in foreign languages will be translated into English and projected during the presentation. We also need volunteers to help with set up and take down of the event. Sign up early and reserve your spot!

When: July 17th, 2010 @ 6pm
Where: International House – 10 College Park, Davis
Contacts: kcoulter[at]macalester[dot]edu


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