East Asian Studies Speakers’ Forum

Monday, February 28, 4:00-6:00 PM

A short note on the subject of the talk.  Kamei Fumio (亀井文夫、1908-87), along with such politically-engaged postwar film directors as Yamamoto Satsuo (山本薩夫) and Imai Tadashi (今井 正), has generally been regarded as one of the most significant and, particularly to those with a certain political tendency, one of the most admired, makers of documentary and fiction film in wartime and early postwar Japan.  Alas, like Yamamoto, he is also one of the least known and least studied Japanese cinematic figures in the West.  Among Kamei’s most well-known works were:

The speaker promises to share with us many clips from Kamei’s works.  Please also see the poster for the talk in the attachment.
Monday, February 28, 4:00-6:00 PM
Sproul Hall #912

East Asian Studies Speakers’ Forum

"Kamei Fumio’s Cinematic Art: Fighting Soldiers or Dying Soldiers?"

How does one read a film made in the pressure cooker of wartime? This lecture looks to the astounding film Fighting Soldiers, a subversively anti-war film made for the Japanese army during their invasion of China in 1939. Director Kamei invites viewers to look beyond the surfaces of images, or to their edges, for hints pointing to the reality of modern warfare.

Speaker: Prof. Abe Mark Nornes
Chair, Department of Screen Arts & Culture
Professor in Asian Languages and Cultures
University of Michigan


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