Saturday May 14, 2011 8AM – 5PM

Bike-a-Thon is an annual event hosted by VSA where we bike from Davis to the Sacramento Capital and back to raise money for a cause of our choosing. This year, we will be raising money for the Vietnamese Youth Development Center. This organization is a charity dedicated to positively impacting the local Vietnamese and other Southeast Asian communities. Their mission is to provide educational and employment opportunities for youth and to foster their sense of leadership in their communities.

This a great opportunity to meet other amazing people while having a great time and doing good in the world.  We encourage all participants to download the pledge sheet and ask friends neighbors, coworkers, etc. to support by donating to you.  Whether it be a rate/mile you bike or a flat rate, all donations are accepted.  All participants are required to purchase a t-shirt.  Those who raise $50.00 or more get a free t-shirt.

Registration starts at 8AM in front of Olson. Biking starts at 9AM at the Olson Parking Lot on A St and 1st St.  We will be biking along the Sacramento bike route all the way to the Capital. There will be 2 breaks on the way to Sacramento, lunch at the Capitol and 2 breaks on the way back to Davis.  We will end Bike-A-Thon with a BBQ.  All food and snacks are free!

Register here
For more information, check out VYDC, our FB event & the FB group.
Direct any and all questions to
Thank you.


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