Family System and Big/Little Sibling Program (English)

Hello and welcome to JASS!

We are very grateful that you’ve chosen to join our club out of the numerous clubs on campus. JASS (Japanese American Student Society) is a group of diverse individuals that connect with each other through interest in the Japanese culture and community, achieved by the many events and programs that we have to offer.

About the “Family System”

As a member of JASS, one is designated to a specific group called a “family”. We hope that by being a part of this system and in the time that you spend with JASS, you feel very comfortable, as if it was your real family. We understand that our club is very large and it may be difficult for some to reach out to others, especially as a new member. By starting in the smaller group of “families” within JASS, we hope it will be easier for one to get out of his/her comfort zone and interact with other members.
There are 4 families in total.  Throughout the year, there will be numerous “family events” and “family competitions”. These are all point-based, and points for each family are added up based on things like wins/losses in family competitions or how many people from a family attend a family event. At the end of the year, these points will be calculated and the family with the highest points by this time will be given the “Best Family” award at the end-of-the-year banquet along with a prize.
*Depending on the family event, members may get an additional extra point if they wear their family color to the event. (These events will be announced later)

About the “Big/Little Sibling Program”

In addition to our family system, members have a chance to be a part of JASS’s Big & Little (a.k.a. Sibling) Program. In this mentor program, we match up new members to members who have had at least a full year of experience in JASS in order to help the new members integrate better. We do this by looking at things like similar interests, hobbies, and majors from the membership form members are required to fill out (more on this below). In this match, the new member is referred to as the “Little/Lil Sib” and the other is the “Big Sib”. We hope that by having this mentor figure, new members can feel like they have a “sibling” to rely on and ask for help, even if they have a hard time approaching others.

Q. What if I don’t wish to be a part of the sib program but still want to be a part of other events?
A. Yes! Even if you choose to not be a part of our Sib Program, as a member, you will automatically be assigned to a family and can participate in our family events and competitions.

How Do I Become a Member?

To participate in one or more of these programs, you must first become a member. The steps to membership are as follows:

1) Submit a membership form online

Fill out a membership form via google forms and submit it to the family coordinators. In order to make the best possible matches with families and sibs, we request that you answer as many questions with as much detail as possible. Click here to access the membership form → (link: 2016-2017 Membership Form)

2) Pay the membership fee

Fees for membership from Fall Quarter will be $25. From Winter Quarter will be $25*. *If you are joining JASS from Winter Quarter on, please see the current treasurer. Please bring cash or check to one of our meetings and pay either the family coordinator (Yurie Hanaoka) or the treasurer (Khoi Tran) the full amount (checks must be made out to: Japanese American Student Society).

3) Confirmation Email

Once we have received your payment, we will send you a confirmation email within 3 business days. At the point you receive this email, you will officially become a member of JASS.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the family system, sibling program or membership, please contact the current family coordinator. We will be more than happy to help you better understand anything above.

2016-2017 Family Coordinator:

Yurie Hanaoka