Meet the Cabinets!! 

Here is a short introduction from each cabinet! We look forward to a great year of 2017-2018 with all of you😊



Tina Sato ティナ


Hello Everyone! Welcome to JASS! My name is Tina Sato and I’ll be your President for the 2017-2018 school year. I am a 4th year majoring in Design and Psychology that loves anything related to food. Feel free to ask questions about me when we talk in person! I consider myself a pretty friendly person and I promise I won’t bite😉 Thank you for checking out our club and I hope to see you at one of the events!

Family Coordinator 

Sandra Lin サンドラ


My name is Sandra and I am going to be your 2017-2018 Family Coordinator.
My job will be to pair you up with a returning member, also known as your big, if you choose to participate in the big/little sib program — which I strongly recommend you do. Also I will be in charge of membership forms, hosting family competitions, and keeping track of points for each family throughout the year.

A little bit about myself:
I was born and raised in Texas
I am currently a Junior and majoring in Cognitive Science with a computational emphasis
Hobbies: Eat, socialize, and sleep

Don’t hesitate to come up to me if you ever have any questions, comments, or concerns.
Oh, also if you are ever looking for me, I’m probably the loudest girl in the room 🙂
Hope you guys get a chance to come out and check out what JASS is all about, you won’t regret it I promise. SEE YOU SOON!!

Service Chair

Jeffrey Seidl



Hi guys! My name is Jeffrey Seidl and I will be one of the club’s service chairs for this year! I am a second-year international relations major from Livermore, California. If you’re curious, I’m 4th generation half-Japanese. In this position, it is my job to serve as a point of contact with our local Japanese American Citizen League (JACL) chapter as well as organize the club’s various service projects, such as Crab Feed and Picnic Day.
If you’re not sure you have time for JASS, I highly encourage you to at least try it! The club is very flexible and there’s something for everyone here! Even though I was in symphony orchestra and had almost no extra time for the club, the few events I attended were some of the best experiences of freshmen year and the people I met were among the most fun, friendly and kind that I know! So even if you’re swamped with other college activities, please feel free to hang out with us whenever you have time!

Nick Okawa ニック


Hi everybody! My name is Nick Okawa, and I am half of the Service Chairs for JASS this year! My job is to keep you up to date on all the happenings within the Japanese American community in Sacramento and Davis, as well as organize fun volunteer opportunities. I am a fourth year Environmental Science and Economics double major, and I’ve been a member of JASS since freshman year. I’m a pretty chill guy, so feel free to come chat with me! I hope to see you at our meetings and events!

Event Coordinator

Lisa Yee リサ


Hi hi I’m Lisa~ I’ll be your event coordinator for JASS this year! Some fun facts about me: I’m a Junior majoring in International Relations with a double minor in Sociology and Japanese. I enjoy playing the piano/ukulele, listening to all kinds of music (American, Japanese, Korean), and catching up on the latest shows. I have a “slight” obsession with boba so I’m always down to grab boba anytime 😊😊😊
I look forward to another wonderful year with everyone!!!


Stacey Wong ステイシー


Hey all! My name is Stacey Wong, and I am your Treasurer this year. My job is to basically deal with the club’s money. I’m a third year double majoring in Electrical and Computer Engineering. My two passions are eating and watching videos on making food. I am also a dumpling and sushi addict, so if you ever wanna grab food let me know! I love meeting new people so please don’t hesitate to come and talk to me! I promise I am nice 80% of the time. But if you bring me boba I’ll be nice 100% of the time (Unless it’s from Sharetea)! I look forward to getting to know you all this year!

Publicity Chair

Sean Dela Pena ショーン

I’m Sean, the publicity officer of JASS! I love to play video games, watch tv, and hang out with friends. Lets have fun this year and get to know each other better!

Social Chair

Jo Kawabata ジョー


Hi everybody! My name is Jo Kawabata and I will be one of the Social Chairs for the 2017-2018 year. I’m a third year Animal Science major born Osaka, Japan, raised Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I was the previous Sports Coordinator and cabinet intern the year before so I know quite a lot about the club! I love sports and especially soccer but I also love playing music, camping, playing Pokemon Go and cooking!

If you have any questions about the club, feel free to add me on Facebook or email me or whatever. Honestly, JASS is a lot of fun; I’ve grown to love it and I’m sure you will too so be sure to come out to our events and meetings!

Michael Ayala マイケル


Hey, I’m Mike! I am a senior studying chemical engineering. I am a fan of many things: chemistry, the Japanese language, playing basketball, heavy metal, The Legend of Zelda, Metroid, Tom Brady, etc. Hope to see you at the many JASS meetings and events we hold throughout the year! Please don’t feel shy about saying hi, if I haven’t already!!

Sports Coordinator

Benjamin White ベンジャミン



Hey! The names Ben, I’m going to be the new sports coordinator! Out of all the sports in the world, I would say my favorite sport is probably soccer (ultimate frisbee is a close second). One interesting fact about myself is that I used to live in Germany but I was born in California.


Alex Ryo Shimotake アレックス


Hello! My name is Alex Shimotake and I will be the JASS Historian for the 2017-2018 school year. My job as historian is to keep a record of JASS throughout the year, primarily through photos and videos, which I then share on social media to all of you.

I am currently a third-year Design major and Japanese minor at UC Davis. I am a Japanese-American, born and raised in the bay-area. I speak both Japanese and English, though I am more fluent in English. In my down time, I like to draw, listen to music, and learn interesting tidbits of information through the internet. I have a mild personality with an occasional burst of energy. I hope to see you this year in JASS!


Yasuko Yui ヤスコ


Hi everyone 🙂 My name is Yasuko Yui and I will be your secretary this year.  As a secretary, I will be responsible for sending out weekly emails, managing the JASS website, and sending out Facebook event page for the meetings (just in case you missed reading the email). I will make sure you won’t miss out the fun activities!!  

I am currently a sophomore majoring in Communication. I am half Japanese half Chinese, and I love talking to people so feel free to say hi or talk to me! I will be really happy hehe 😀 Last year, I had a really great time in JASS; I made a lot of new friends and made many unforgettable memories. I am sure you will have lots of fun too! I also love eating, watching dramas, traveling, getting boba, and DOGGSS ❤ (I have a mini dachshund who’s SUPER cute). I look forward spending time with you guys and getting to know each of you.