Meet the Cabinet 

Introduction from each cabinet! We look forward to a great year of 2016-2017 with all of you😊



Brett Monji ブレット


Hey! Welcome to JASS. My name’s Brett Monji and I’ll be your president for this year. I’m a yonsei (4th gen) Japanese American who loves to stay physically active. You can ask me more about myself when you meet me, but I just wanted to tell you thanks for looking into our club. I’m hoping to see you at one of our events.

Family Coordinator 

Yurie Hanaoka ゆりえ


Hellooo~ My name is Yurie Hanaoka and I will be your family coordinator for this school year. My job as a family coordinator is to pair you with a returning or new member (big/little sib program) and place you in a family (Fam 3 though ). I’m also in charge of creating fun, “friendly” and competitive family events. Even though I seem shy at first, don’t hesitate to ask me about any membership related questions. I will be more than happy to make you feel more involved in the club. I’m a fourth year Food Science major (no, it is not the same thing as nutrition) and fluent in both Japanese and English. My hobbies include shopping for clothes/accessories, buying affordable makeup via target, watching comedic anime/J-drama, cooking not so healthy foods, playing tennis and going on long walks with friends. I come from Orange County, a place with numerous beaches, no weather variation, and hipster eateries. Hope to see you at the meetings or anywhere in the Davis area. I’m usually carrying a pink floral backpack and holding a mug of coffee.

Service Chair

Andrew Kobayashi アンドリュー


Hello! My name is Andrew Kobayashi, and I am your Service Chair officer for this year. My job is to keep you all informed on cultural events throughout the community and on campus. I will be in charge of the annual JACL Crab Feed and Picnic Day! YAY!! Besides that, I’m here to assist others and make of you feel at home within our club.

I’m a fourth year transfer student majoring in Environmental Science and Management. I am very passionate about the environment and preserving it for future generations. Besides that, I am an avid fisherman, like sports, and meeting new people. From what my friends tell me, I’m pretty easy to get along with so never hesitate to say hi or talk with me. I look forward to helping you and making new friends this year!

Event Coordinator

Lisa Yee リサ


Hello JASS members! I’m Lisa Yee and I am this year’s Event Coordinator! My job as an event coordinator will be helping plan and organize all the events to make sure you all have an amazing time in JASS! I am also the second-hand position to Social Chair, Family Coordinator, and Service Chair. I will make sure your experience with JASS will be the best time in your college years!
Some “exciting” facts about meeeeeee. I am a second year majoring in International Relations. I was raised in a small town in Concord called Martinez but I don’t think you guys ever heard of that place. I’m fluent in English and trying to improve my Japanese skills at the moment~ Some of my hobbies include watching movies, playing the piano and ukulele, listening to a whole bunch of songs (usually American, Japanese and Korean), and going for BOBA runs!!!! If you guys ever want to go get boba or jam out to music, I’m totally down! Don’t be shy to come up and talk to me, I’m an easy going and friendly person. I’m sure we will have a fun time together making new friends and creating unforgettable memories!


Khoi Tran コイ


Hellooo! My name is Khoi Tran, and I’ll be your treasurer for this school year. My job as treasurer is to keep track of JASS’s money and try to make a balance between spending and earning, so please give me the payments for the wonderful JASS events and I will make sure you have a great time with us. I’m a junior majoring in Chemical Physics (considering doing a minor in Biological Sciences too). Born and raised in Vietnam, I came to the US just 3 years ago, so I’m not too different from international students. I’m a huge manga fan, and I can read manga for 10 hours straight if I have free time. Manga is probably my second favorite thing about Japan after food. But don’t get the wrong idea, those two are not the only reasons why I joined JASS. I love everything about Japan, not just food and manga but also the culture and the people. International or exchange students please hang out with me because I love to get to know all of you guys and get to know more about Japan. I may look a bit shy and intimidating, but I promise that I’m very friendly and kind, so feel free to talk to me about anything you want, especially if you need help with academic stuff. Anyway, looking forward to having a marvelous year with you all. Cheers.

Publicity Chair

Tina Sato ティナ

Hello Everyone~! My name is Tina Sato and I’ll be your Publicity Chair for this 2016-2017 school year. As Publicity, I will be responsible for recruiting new and returning UCD students to join JASS. I am excited to work with other cabinet members to make JASS a memorable experience for everyone!

I am a third year majoring in Design and Psychology. I was born and raised in the LA area- more specifically Irvine (the bubble~~). My hobbies include watching Japanese dramas, painting, eating sushi (my dad’s a sushi chef ^^), and watching cat videos. I consider myself a pretty friendly person so please come talk to me! I am looking forward to a fantastic year with you all~! Ps. I really hope you join us ☺ 

Social Chair

Michael Ayala マイケル

Hello, everyone! My name is Michael Ayala, but you can call me Mike, if you like. Anyway, I am the social chair for JASS this year. Thus, I will be mostly responsible for our club’s major weekend-long, get-away-from-school events!

I am from Sacramento, and I also currently live there. I am a transfer student from Yuba Community College; I spent 4 years there before I decided to transfer to Davis to study chemical engineering. Some of my interest include: video games (GOAT is Ocarina of Time; been a devout Mortal Kombat X player the last year or so), sports, anime, going to the gym, chemistry, Japanese, pastries, talk radio, having good conversations with friends and many other things!

Hopefully, I will see you at our weekly meetings. Please come say hi to me whenever you come, if I had not done so already! I look forward to spending with the year with you all!

Sports Coordinator

Joe Kawabata じょう


Hello, my name is Jo Kawabata and I will be the Sports Coordinator for the 2016-2017 school year. I’ll be handling all of the IM sports this year along with a few other athletic activities. I’ll also be hosting practices (both casually and competitively) for many of the sports so come on out to meet some new people and have some fun! I am currently a Sophomore at UC Davis as an Animal Science major on a Pre-Vet track. I was born in Osaka, Japan but grew up near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I absolutely love soccer so if you wanna play or even just chat about it, hit me up. I also used to run track (long sprints) and I consider myself an amateur Quidditch player. I’ve also played the piano, trumpet, and other instruments since I was young. I’m an Eagle Scout too. Really, I can relate to a lot of different things so don’t be afraid to approach me. Add me on Facebook or email me if you wanna get to know me! I’ll be looking forward for a great year!

こんにちは!今年のJASSのスポーツコーディネーターをします川端穣(かわばた じょう)と申します。スポーツやアクティビティなどを担当させてもらいます。スポーツの練習なども開くので運動しながら他のメンバーたちと楽しく交流する機会が欲しい方はぜひ来てください!僕は大阪生まれで、育ちは東海岸にあるペンシルベニア州のフィラデルフィア付近です。今はデイビスの2年生で動物学(Animal Science)を勉強しながら獣医を目指しています。サッカーが大好きなのでサッカーがしたい方、もしくはサッカーについて語り合いたい方がいれば気軽に声をかけてください。中学校の頃は陸上もやっていて、最近はクイディッチもやってます(ハリーポッターの)。ほかにはピアノ、トランペットなどの楽器も小さいころから弾いており、ボーイスカウトでもあります!何についてでもお話しできるので、もし質問などがあれば気軽にフェイスブック又はメールで連絡してください!今年の一年間、よろしくお願いします。


Amy Hoang エイミー


Hiya!!! I’m Amy Hoang, the blonde one on the right! But my hair color will be changing throughout the year, haha! I’ll be the Historian for JASS this year!!!! That means I’ll be around snapping pictures of all your bootifoo faces at meetings and events and also planning the end-of-year banquet in spring quarter!

I come from the humble suburban city of Monterey Park, which is in the 626 area of Los Angeles County! I am a third year Design and Communications double major with intended minors in Chinese and Japanese! I really enjoy learning about Asian cultures and languages ^_^ My hobbies include photography, travelling, ukulele, guitar, and being an awkward POTETOOOO!~ Please let me know if you ever want to hang out, grab food, play uke, have art night, or whatever!! I’m always open to trying new things!! 😀 I’m really looking forward to getting acquainted with y’all!!!!


Saela Ohara さえら


Hi everyone! こんにちは:) My name is Saela Ohara and I will be your secretary for this 2016-2017 school year. My main responsibilities will be to send out weekly JASS emails and to manage this JASS website. I hope you enjoy reading the emails and visit this website once in a while to be updated with what’s happening in JASS!

I am currently a 3rd year majoring in Clinical Nutrition. I enjoy looking at pictures of foods and trying out new recipes in my free time. I’m from Osaka, Japan, and  moved to America with my family when I was 13. I’ll be happy to share good places to eat in Osaka or Kyoto~ I’m looking forward to meet with you guys at the meetings and events! よろしくお願いします😊