Basic Gameplay

  1. You will be assigned one random target each week.
  2. One round is two weeks long (3 rounds in total).
  3. To stay in the game: you must at least kill one target by the end of Round 1 and two targets by the end of Round 2 OR complete the mission for each round.
  4. Kill the target with a full hug. Hands must touch.
  5. After you have made your kill, report to Historian Alex Shimotake or Secretary Yasuko Yui. Your target should tell you who your next target is, and we will confirm.
  6. If you are killed, you will be entered into a raffle for a chance of revival before the end of each round.
  7. *If you kill 5 targets, you are safe until the next round.
  8. We will send notifications through Facebook messenger by default, but you may choose to have text or email notifications if you would like!


Rules and Restrictions (**IMPORTANT**)


  1. Violent or Aggressive play when killing or escaping will result in an automatic disqualification. Please remember: This is only a game.



  1. JASS meetings: Haring Hall is safe on Thursdays from 6:30-9pm.
  2. Target’s home or workplace. (Outside is OK!)
  • For those who live in dorms, the entire floor they live in is safe.
  1. Inside target’s classroom during class time
  2. Inside the doors of any campus library, including Shields Library courtyard.
  3. Labs, Engineering areas, anywhere with fragile, sharp objects count as dangerous, so they’re also safe zones. This includes Engineering Fabrication Lab, Sci Labs, Bainer labs and South Shop.
  4. JASS events (WITHIN the event venue/building is SAFE. Outside the building is NOT safe)
  • Grace period: 10 minutes before and after the event are SAFE.Official team practices/games/tournaments (e.g. IM sports, BOXING CLUB, Taiko).
  1. Official team practices/games/tournaments (e.g. IM sports, BOXING CLUB, Taiko).
  • 10 minute grace period before and after IM Sports practices
  • 30 minute grace period before and after IM Sports games
  1. Bathrooms


> Targets are safe when they are:

  1. with  ANY JASS members


      2. physically / verbally interacting with another (JASS or not) (texting/talking on the   phone does not count)



  1. We will be randomizing targets every 7 days. On the days this happens, we will have system downtimes between Friday 10pm until Saturday 6am, during which no kills will count, and your new target will be assigned.
  2. At the end of each round, we will have a down time from 10pm until 6am. The game resumes promptly at 6am!


What is the Tattletales Page? 

NINJASS_Tattletales_FB_Group_banner (1).png

  • All players will be added to the Facebook page NINJASS 2018 Tattletales
  • This is where we make NINJASS updates and any other announcements.
  • Also, it’s the page to make tattletales! So feel free to post the locations of other participants at anytime (you must be 100% sure they are at that location).


ROUND 1: from 1/27 (Sat) 6AM to 2/9 (Fri) 10PM

***Round 1 Missions***

If you cannot kill a target before the end of round one (10:00PM Friday 2/9), you may opt to complete this set of missions to continue onto the next round:


[1] GENERAL MEETINGS: Attend both JASS meetings during this round (2/1 AND 2/8). We will have a NINJASS Sign-In sheet which you MUST SIGN each meeting to prove attendance.


[2] EVENTS: Take a selfie with a cabinet member at 1 IM practice or game AND 1 weekend event (not including IM)


[3] TATTLE ON YOURSELF: Share your location on the Ninjass 2018 Tattletales page at least once.



Our JASSassins this year:



Have fun and may the force be with you 🙂