Officer Positions

Want to run for Cabinet for the year 2015-2016?
Wondering what the JASS Officers do for the club?

We’ve provided the descriptions of all the JASS Officer Positions including:

  • Responsibilities
  • Weekly tasks
  • Special Events
  • Important characteristics

Read below, and decide what fits you right!


Social Chairs

The Social Chairs are responsible for heading and organizing the larger social events that JASS creates, such as Ski Trip, IJAC and Beach Trip; these chairs also take part in planning other smaller events, such as Fall BBQ. As Social Chair, you must be comfortable with planning out events in the long term, on the scale of months, to adequately prepare. With the assistance of the Treasurer, you work with budgets that dictate how large to make your event, as well as how to price your events. You must be able to think through all execution aspects of the event, from initial planning to how things will be disposed of in the end. Due to the large scale of your events, you must be able to delegate smaller subjobs to the other officers and make sure that all the details are sorted out; as such, you must be able to communicate and be direct when duties are not fulfilled or when circumstances change. Good qualities of a social chair include: decisiveness, organized, proactive, able to make educated estimations.


Service Chairs

This position is a little bit different than the rest of the position because it requires interaction with the Japanese American community outside of UC Davis. The service positions will have to go off campus once a month to attend a Sacramento JACL (Japanese American Citizen’s League) Board Meeting in West Sacramento. Since the meetings are on Thursdays, the two officers must miss the general meeting. Working with the JACL is a one of a kind experience. One can network, meet and interact with the Japanese American community, learn about their history and Japanese American history.

The service position mostly assists the JACL with running their events such as, JACL picnic and Crab feed. This includes coordinating JASS members to volunteer for events, contacting performance groups about participating, and providing any ideas you might have that could be included. Other service chair coordinated events include Relay for Life, at times JACL District Conferences (youth conference), JACL recognition dinner, Day of Remembrance and Picnic Day.

The most demanding event is UC Davis’ picnic day. It is a 3 month process, starting in January, usually right after ski trip, and ends in mid-April. For this, it is important that both service chairs are present at all meetings. The key to this event is organization and the ability to ask questions and ask for clarity. Picnic Day is very hard, if not impossible, if only one person is shouldering it, both officers will need to follow deadlines and be able to ask questions and help to the coordinators of picnic day and of the likes!

It may sound like a lot of work, and it is in the Winter quarter and the beginning of Spring quarter, but otherwise, this position is great for networking and connecting with the community. It’s unbelievably rewarding.




Family Coordinators

Family Coordinators come in pairs. As a Family Coordinator, your job is to work together with one another to place members into respective “families” [1-4], assign individuals into “Bigs” and “Littles” for those participating in the program, and to organize family events and competitions. You will also be working  and helping out other officers throughout the year. Specifically, the Family Coordinators are in charge of events and activities such as:

  •      Revealing Night
  •      Family Bowling
  •      Iron Chef
  •      Family bonding/events
  •      Twin Day
  •      Study Hours (Fall, Winter, and Spring Quarters)
  •      IM Sports participant/spectator calculations
  •      Family Picnic

The individual(s) should be able to approach and socialize with new/old members, in order to make members feel welcomed and to inform them about membership requirements in the club. The goal overall is for the members to have a good and fun experience in  JASS.


Sports Coordinator

There are three JASS events/activities that a Sports Coordinator is responsible for: intramural sports, Broomball, and outdoor games.

The IM sport aspect involves deciding which sports to sign up for each quarter, signing up for intramural sports using imtrackonline, attending quarterly captain’s meetings for intramural sports, creating sign-ups for members to join intramural sports, providing sports equipment when needed, counting family points for people that come out, posting information in the JASS IM sports Facebook page, and getting IM sports hyped up. Optional responsibilities include planning out sport practices and going to every sport games.The sports coordinator is responsible for broomball during Winter quarter, which involves reserving an ice rink and planning out the entire broomball event. Lastly, sports coordinator plans out outdoor events such as Undoukai, Death Star games, and/or fugitives.

The sports coordinator does not have as many responsibilities as other cabinet positions do, so they should volunteer their time to help out other large events.



Your mission, if you choose to accept it, will be to document the year of JASS in photos and videos and share your efforts with your JASS brethren and sistren. Along the way, you may encounter many sidequests such as administering the T-shirt design competition and overseeing NinJASS. At the end of your journey you will come to organize JASS’s final battle: Banquet. Stay vigilant and call upon your party of officers when making each End-of-quarter Slideshow and assisting the planning and execution of other JASS events. In cases of dire need or the inevitable danger of “I have no idea what I’m doing,” perform a blood ritual in honor of your Historian ancestry to summon your predecessors for assistance. We will guide you equally in difficult times as in peaceful ones, concerning your JASS responsibilities as well as life responsibilities. Go forth, camera in hand, and capture all!



Publicity’s role is to publicize JASS at UC Davis and encourage students to join our club. As Publicity, your most important jobs will be at the beginning of the year. You will be responsible for reserving tabling spots at the MU, advertising JASS at the Activities Fair and the APIDME (Asian, Pacific Islander, Desi, Middle Eastern) Club Fair, and organizing the Fall Welcome event for new members. This means that you must also create flyers to hand out during these events. Throughout the rest of the school year, you will also be in charge of events like Valentine’s Day, and also helping out with bigger events such as IJAC. After the beginning of fall quarter, Publicity does not have as many responsibilities, so you should volunteer to help out the other officers as much as possible. Although this position may seem relatively easy in comparison to the other positions… do not be deceived! At the beginning of the year, your position is the most important because JASS would not exist if it didn’t have its members! So be prepared to be very busy during the first couple weeks of school. The amount of people that join JASS will depend on your efforts!

Good qualities for Publicity: approachable, comfortable with approaching strangers, organized, good communication skills, open-mindedness



The treasurer is in charge of all the money, spending and reimbursements for JASS. Though the job seems very simple, the job involves predicting the expected number of people to come, which will entail how much profit JASS will receive, which should tell the treasurer the correct budget to spend on a specific event. Since other officers are unaware of the bank account, the treasurer’s job is to make sure the officers are spending enough money for the benefit of the club as well as not over spending to make the account end up with a negative balance! If you are an econ major, or like money, this is the position for you! 



The secretary is basically the center of communication for cabinet and general members alike! Not only does the secretary write the weekly emails about all the upcoming meetings and events, the secretary also writes “meeting minutes” a.k.a. meeting notes for cabinet meetings just so the officers can always look back and review over the decisions and information that was decided and agreed upon. They are also responsible managing the JASS website! They keep the website updated, looking nice, and professional for any visitors who happen to find our website. And finally the secretary is in charge of the annual NINJASS game, where they organize sign ups, match up targets, and set up the rules. This position is great if you like writing emails and like being on your computer a lot. This position is also very flexible so you can work on this whenever you have time for it.


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