Family Formations!

Big Sib/Lil Sib Revealing Night  (JASS 5th Meeting) When: Thursday, November 6th @7pm-9pm Where: Everson 176!  This is the night where Little’s get to meet their BIG SIBS!  It’s gonna be a crazy and fun filled night! 🙂  If you are going to be late, or absent, please contact: so she can tell your big/little.  LITTLES AND BIGS ❤ […]


The final details for the JASS meetings and events have been finalized!   Our 1st JASS Meeting will be on: Thursday, October 9th at 7pm in Everson 176!   Come meet the cabinet, make some new friends, play some games and see what JASS is all about! We’ll be raffling off some cool prizes! We can’t wait […]

So How Was Your Summer?

THAT’S RIGHT! JASS IS BAAACK! Hope everyone had a wonderful and somewhat relaxing summer! We’re so excited for JASS to start soon! Though meetings are not going to start immediately, you have come to the right place! To know when and where our first events and meetings are, keep checking this website, or our facebook […]


Hello Everyone and hope you are having a wonderful summer!  If you are still taking summer session, working in Davis, interning, or just hanging out,  JASS WILL STILL BE THERE AS WELL 🙂 If you want to spend time with your fellow JASSer’s in Davis this summer, you can join our JASS Summer Crew Facebook […]


みんな, 期末試験 頑張って下さい! “Minna Kimatsushiken Ganbatte kudasai!” (Watch this video for a little motivation! 🙂 From your president’s: Hiro Kawano and Trent Ichiuji!) JASS wishes you luck and strength during FINALS WEEK SPRING 2014!  YOU CAN DO IT! GANBATTE NE!  And once you finish, we wish you a fun, relaxing, and productive summer!